The Smartads Advertising Network is uniquely geared towards helping business entrepreneurs from across the globe to promote their business locally & internationally online.

Our network of websites target certain individuals, business & personal, and utilizes this targeted audience to deliver quality information, tips, and learning centres accordingly.

Smartads has experienced a 300 per cent growth in this, its second year of operation. Each month results in continued growth. With this growth comes a greater opportunity for business owners to promote their business with us.

As a Canadian company based in Hamilton, Ontario, we have some projects already in place and well on the way that will truly set Smartads apart from many of it’s competitors. Smartads is gearing up to revamp the way it does business and try to help the smaller companies as much as possible. In the near future, Smartads won’t be competing against web design, seo, or graphic design companies. In fact, Smartads is building a foundation to be able to utilize the traffic it gets in order to help companies in the same industry to expose their company further.”